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Deep Zoo Technology Studios

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The Opportunity

The Metaverse, also known as Web 3.0, is a rapidly expanding online ecosystem, built on blockchain, in which users access information, AI services and intelligent software through game-like interfaces in 3D virtual environments. The metaverse represents the future of the internet and is predicted to grow into a trillion-dollar industry.

Deep Zoo aims to foster a regional metaverse ecosystem in partnership with local companies and labs, with an emphasis on partnerships with Florida Atlantic University and the FAU Research Park.

Who We Are

Deep Zoo is a metaverse software and media studio. Deep Zoo consists of a team of developers with decades of combined experience in metaverse-related technologies including artificial intelligence, blockchain, 3D modeling and virtual and augmented reality.

The studio specializes in AI-enabled NFTs that provide services to metaverse users. In addition, the studio hosts a media production suite, consisting of web/podcast recording infrastructure and devoted channels across social media platforms.

How It All Works

Here’s a rundown of the Deep Zoo ecosystem . . .

Technology Specializations

Deep Zoo Ecosystem

Deep Zoo Boca provides collaborative-working, technology and multimedia space for South Florida businesses, organizations, schools, and students.


Deep Zoo Global provides remote access to its technology ecosystem as: (1) an accompaniment to its in-person infrastructure and (2) as a stand-alone portal for those members outside of South Florida.

Remote access expands Deep Zoo’s position as a regional and global hub, bringing together those dedicated to the expansion of the core Deep Zoo emerging technologies.

Deep Zoo - Boca

Deep Zoo - Global

Connect remotely with a broader regional and internation base of members and partners outside of South Florida.